Accidental Witch Cover Reveal and Free Excerpt

I’m so excited for today to finally arrive! Today I get to share the totally epic cover for Accidental Witch AND I get to give you the first four chapters!! I know you’ve been dying to read all about Sebastian’s backstory, which is much darker and more tragic than the lighthearted Lily Singer Adventures. ​Lily’s childhood was a cakewalk compared to what poor Sebastian went through. This series is 16+ appropriate, with some mild language, violence, and romance. Without further ado, feast your eyes below, and CLICK HERE to read the first four chapters!


(Fun fact: I designed and drew the background symbol myself! My cover designer was initially skeptical about my artistic ability, but agreed that it looked great once he saw it. It was lots of fun breaking out my Copic markers, I haven’t touched them for years, not since I closed down my art business).

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