3 Ways to Advance Your Writing Career: Part 3

Last week, I spoke about how to advance your writing career while still writing your novel.  You can do this by devoting some attention to 3 important things:

1. Publishing Short Stories
2. Professional Development
3. Social Networking/Promotion

This week we’ll focus on social networking and promotion.


          Social Networking and Promotion

Take a look at around you.  Almost everyone is plugged into their phone, tablet, or computer.  A recent study found that Americans spend 27% of their time on social media. In…

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3 Ways to Advance Your Writing Career: Part 1

The next few weeks I want to focus on how to advance your writing career while still working on your first novel.  Writing a novel is a long and difficult process.  Though some experienced writers can knock out a 90,000 word manuscript in a couple of months, us newbie writers might take several years writing our first novel.  For most of us, we’re working 40 hours a week and taking care of families, while trying to squeeze in precious writing time on the side.  And once the first draft is written, you still have to edit it!  The whole…

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The Wonder of Role Playing Games (RPGs)

My day started with a tweet:  “Discovering the awesomeness of group storytelling through role playing games #rpg”

Last Sunday, my husband, David, and I gathered with a group of four others to start on a great adventure.  David is running a Superhero role playing game and we are the characters in it.  David’s job is to write the plot-line, while each of us role play our character’s interacting and live out the story based on the parameters set for our superhero world.  We had an…

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Interview with Newly Published Authors

My dear readers, I come before you to beg your indulgence in this next month (or so).  I’m getting married on May 24th, and I only have 24 days to finish getting ready *pulls out hair*!!  Most likely, I will not be posting anything very involved in the next month.  And for the week after my wedding….well I’m sure you can imagine what (or who) will be distracting me then.

Since I won’t be able to spend much time on my posts, I will try each week to link an article or website that I find very useful.  There’s a…

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