Professionalism for Self Publishers

This post is going to be quick and dirty. I have two fantastic things for you guys today, one to make you smile and one to make you think.

The one to make you smile is the first page of my print novel, Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: Beginnings!! My formatter just emailed me the PDF proof, and I LOVE what he did with the formatting. This is getting super real, super fast. Just over a month before (more…)

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The Importance of Friendship


Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all gooey-eyed on you and talk about rainbows and unicorns (hey, what’s wrong with rainbows and unicorns?), but I am going to break out Yu-gi-oh as an object lesson.

Yu-gi-oh, a children’s card-game originating in Japan, also had it’s own TV series which, I admit, I watched as a child. In it four friends had a special bond which they showed by joining hands and drawing a symbol on them so that they each were part of a…

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A Step-by-step Guide to Achieving Dreams

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The last few weeks, I’ve been talking about jobs, dreams, and calling. First I talked about dealing with a non-dream job, then about what a calling is and how to find it. Now I want to share a step-by-step guide that’s guaranteed to achieve your dreams in six weeks, or your money back guaranteed!

Yeah…not so much. If anyone ever tries to get your money with a promise like that, ignore them. I’m not saying miracles can’t happen, but you can’t plan…

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On Jobs, Dreams, and Calling Part 2


Many of us don’t have our dream job, are not working in our desired field, or are just not where we want to be in life. Last week I shared some tips on how to manage and prosper despite disliking our current job/situation. This week I want to talk about dreams and calling.

Now, dreams are what we want to do, and calling is what we’re meant to do. Both are important yet difficult to achieve. Maybe you already know what your dream and/or calling…

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3 Ways to Win While Working Toward Success

Most “how to succeed” articles focus on what you need to do to succeed and reach your destination (that dream job, prestigious award, expensive house, etc). Since I started writing professionally, however, I’ve found that the journey is more important than the destination. Wait, Buddah already said that? Drat, so much for coining a phrase.

You know why we remember that phrase? Because it’s true. Don’t give up on your dreams. Just remember that, upon arrival, you often find they’re not quite…

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