Special cover re-launch interview and a free book!

Hello everyone! This is a very special weekend, as I have relaunched the Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus series with brand new covers. Things are going very well over on Amazon (Revelations is a bestseller, and, last I checked, #796 in all of Amazon), and I’d like to celebrate with a fun little interview. We will ask each of the main characters from the books one question, and they must answer 100% truthfully.

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Exclusive Talking Cat Interview

Thank you for joining us, readers, because today there is some fun to be had. I have the honor of introducing you to our very special guest, Sir Edgar Allan Kipling, who has agreed to an exclusive interview to highlight and promote his ongoing memoir *coughcough* I mean urban fantasy series. Behold a portrait of this most illustrious of felines (his words, not mine).


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Mockingjay Part 2: War and WHY


Last night I saw Mockingjay Part 2, the last in the Hunger Games series about Katniss Everdeen and her fight against the Capitol to bring freedom to Panem. I am pleased to say that, in all major respects, the last movie is faithful to the book.

There are, however, some minor changes that made the story more palatable to a wider audience and less traumatizing. While I understand why the movie makers would implement such changes for marketability, I think it takes away from Suzanne…

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Book Review: Kings or Pawns by J. J. Sherwood

Well butter me up and call me a biscuit…paint me green and call me a cucumber…knock me down and steal my teeth! That’s all I can think to say after finishing JJ Sherwood’s first novel. And that’s how I feel too! Like I’ve been knocked down and had my teeth stolen…or my heart stolen…by JJ Sherwood’s story. There were seriously times when I put down the book and cussed like a sailor because of her gloriously painful plot twists (painful like when Sirius died in the…

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Book Review: The Completely Inappropriate Tales of Gandersnitch the Goblin by Robert A. Turk

I must start this review with the first line on the back cover: “DO NOT READ THIS BOOK…if” which is followed by a long list of people better off not reading this story, namely those driving a motorized vehicle, people easily offended, or younger sprouts who have not yet reached puberty.

The amusing blurb on the back of “The Completely Inappropriate Tales of Gandersnitch the Goblin” by Robert A. Turk was only my first taste of the entertainment I would find within. It contains…

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