A Writer’s Trip to Red River Gorge


You probably expect me to write about how I couldn’t stop thinking about my book while I was on my trip.  Or, that I kept having to stop on the trail and jot down story ideas in my handy-dandy notebook (I did keep stopping, but it was because of mushrooms, and my husband, but we’ll get to that later).

As a matter of fact, I was having entirely too much fun glorying in the beauty of nature around me to think about writing at all.  Shameful for a writer, I know! …

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A Vision for the Future: Autographs and Timetables


Today I want to tell a story, share a vision, and offer an encouragement.

       A Story…..

My story happened last Sunday. My husband and I went to meet a friend of ours, we’ll call her Sally, for lunch. Soon after we arrived at the restaurant, David got a call from his best friend and former roommate. His friend (who will remain nameless), recently had an operation and was supposed to be on bed-rest, but had somehow managed to lock himself out of his apartment. Off David went to the rescue.

The result of all this was a nice…

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The Wonder of Role Playing Games (RPGs)

My day started with a tweet:  “Discovering the awesomeness of group storytelling through role playing games #rpg”

Last Sunday, my husband, David, and I gathered with a group of four others to start on a great adventure.  David is running a Superhero role playing game and we are the characters in it.  David’s job is to write the plot-line, while each of us role play our character’s interacting and live out the story based on the parameters set for our superhero world.  We had an…

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I’m Back! Now Officially Mrs. Sherrer

I’m back!! Yay!!  I am now, quite permanently, Mrs. Lydia Sherrer.  To any who are interested, the wedding and honeymoon were fantastic.  Life and reality aren’t quite as fantastic, but hey, *shrugs* we already knew that, right?

After coming home on Sunday night, it has been fun *read, not actually fun*, readjusting to reality and work.  My first day back I got hit with a nasty cold.  To make matters worse, our beloved cat also got sick and had to go to the vet.  As you…

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