Holding Hope in your Hand

I’ve been very distracted for the past two days. Why? I’ve been waiting on my ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) to come! These are copies of my books that we have ordered to physically hold and look at with out eyeballs to make sure everything about them appears perfect, as well as sending multiple copies out to advanced readers for feedback.

Aaaaaaannnnd…THEY FINALLY CAME!!! (more…)

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Crowdfunding websites: Why they make us better people

About three years ago I was a Mary Kay cosmetics seller for a while (good times, I learned a lot of valuable stuff). The Mary Kay culture is all about empowerment, believing in yourself, and working for change (all good things). So, there I was, a new Mary Kay rep, looking for people to empower with makeup, and giving free facials to anyone who would have me. Unfortunately, most people wanting free facials were people who couldn’t afford the product.

There was this one lady I did a…

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Christmas: A Creative Retelling


You ask, my child, why do we celebrate? Why should we be joyful, and why is there good cheer? Sit, and listen well, and I will tell you the greatest love story ever told. This story begins long ago, before the child, the manger, and the star. Those are what we celebrate, but they are the realization of a hope that began centuries before…

Long ago, before the world began, there was simply the Creator. He had no beginning, and no end. He was not, however, alone. He had…

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Story Empires and Why We Make Them


I just finished reading a fascinating article about why we probably won’t live to see the final Star Wars movie. Go read the article here. It’s rather an eyeopener to take a bird’s eye view, or a God’s eye view, of the Star Wars history and legacy. And not just Star Wars. The people and production companies involved in Episode VII are the same people who have helped bring the Marvel universe, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones to the screen, to name a few.

As a…

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Writing and Sleep…or not

Due to being up until 3am writing, and then getting up at 7am to go work on my parent’s farm, this is going to be a short post. I’m sure you’ll forgive me, since I’m working so hard to make Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus fantabulous and on time! I still have about 30-40K words or so to finish writing this month, not to mention self editing so I can get it all to my editor in time. I might as well join NaNoWriMo (

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