Reader & Writer: A View From Both Sides of the Fence


All my life until a few years ago, I was simply a reader. A consumer. Growing up, books were a daily and vital part of my life. I always had a book with me, whether in bed, at the school table, when I went out, and yes even in the toilet (that’s a great time to read!). Dad had to make rules about when we could read at the table. Left to our own my mother, myself, and my three…

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We’re Human Therefore We Write


This week I had the great honor to take a pause from my regular series to post a guest post on Amber Gregg’s blog, Judging More Than Just the Cover. She posts book reviews, author discussions, and topics about writing. Her passion is helping and teaching children, and she also does virtual assistant and editing services. Even more impressive, she does all this while battling scoliosis (severe curvature of the spine) and blogs about her journey toward healing. Check out her full bio here!

The topic of…

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On Jobs, Dreams, and Calling Part 1

Recently, I’ve been having an attitude problem. Everybody has bad days at work where you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed or didn’t get enough sleep. But recently I’ve felt resentful at my job for keeping me from my dream of writing, and every day is a struggle to have a good attitude.

You’re probably thinking I have a terrible job. Nope. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful job. I work with amazing people, I fix important things, I’m well compensated, and…

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Of Hope and Determination: Writing Fellowships

There’s no way I’ll ever get this fellowship. I’m not good enough. Why even waste the time and effort trying?

Sound familiar? Not just for writing fellowships, but for everything in life we try for (contests, job promotions, auditions, scholarships)? Everybody faces self doubt at some point. For writers, especially in this age of social media and self promotion, it’s a daily reality.

The last two weeks of November, I devoted ever waking minute I wasn’t at work to perfecting two writing fellowships applications: The George Bennett Fellowship in Exeter, NH, and the Fine Arts Fellowship

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A Writer’s Why: Fighting for the Least of These

One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is why we do what we do. Not only for healthy self-reflection, but to focus our efforts and cut out the things in our lives that don’t have a good enough “why”.

Whether you write prolifically, and wonder what to do with it, or write less than you wish you did, and need a reason to write more, understanding your why is essential. You seek to understand what drives you, and what you hope to achieve through your…

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