Publishing Updates: First Peek of my Novel

Hello all!  I hope you enjoyed last week’s post.  In light of that advice, I’ve written another chapter in my book.  I still haven’t finalized even a working title, so I won’t say anything more here except that: it will be a trilogy, it’s a modern scifi twist on the old and well-read vampire fiction genre, and it’s told from the perspective of two sisters.  It will probably be a year or two in the making, unless money drops from the sky and I can stop working to just focus on my writing,…

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Becoming-A-Writer Tip #2

Good news!  Today I sold my first story!  When I got the acceptance e-mail, I freaked out, as I’m sure you can imagine.  I’m not at all ashamed to say that there was much screeching, dancing, and waving of arms that went on.  When you succeed at something, you should celebrate, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  This is a huge step for me and I am so grateful and thankful for my friends and family who helped, and to God who gave me my passion and talent.  Look at “My Writing” tab to stay up to date…

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Becoming-A-Writer Tip #1

Today, being my day off, is “Get Things Done” day.  We all know how those usually turn out, right?  Well my fingers are crossed, and if I can just stay away from my Facebook feed, I think I’ll be ok.

On my list of “To-Dos” today is to submit my second short story, “Hope”, to a couple magazines.  Thank you everyone who helpfully beta read it for me!  I already spent the morning doing a read-through of my new short story “Eye for an eye” , and have just submitted it for beta reading.

I’m very excited about the story…

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Valentine’s Day and Books

As has been mentioned, I’m tying the knot in May with the most wonderful man in the world.  Last night I was over at his house hanging out after work, and the subject of Valentine’s day presents came up.  Now you must realize, both David and I are pretty nontraditional and a bit blase about the whole Valentine’s day hype.  But since we both love giving each other presents, its a good excuse to do what we love.  The date itself isn’t that big a deal.  So last night we had this conversation:


“So, Valentine’s day is tomorrow,” David says…

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Tonight my Muse refuses to cooperate.  First, I meant to write about Saint Valentine’s day.  Nope.  Then I meant to write about social issues.  Nope.  Then I meant to write about useful things for beginning writers.  Double nope.  Fine.  Be that way.  Here you go, enjoy.

There are many things I want to say, yet can’t find words to say them.

What does that say about me, being a writer?

Perhaps it says,

Some things don’t need to be said,

Better to express them in other ways.

Some things shouldn’t be said,

Love is found in silence as well as words.

Some things can’t be said,

They’re too…

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