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So this week I don’t feel like I have the energy to write a blog post. You know those days where you just feel ‘blah’ and have a hard time drumming up the drive to do anything? Yep, one of those days. It’s a perfectly normal, and human, thing to go through. Our bodies, minds, and spirits work in waves, ups and downs, not a straight line (of course, I’ve also been re-reading the whole 7-book Harry Potter series, which has been just a tad distracting *innocent look*).

So instead of…

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Writing Workshop Peggy DeKay & Cheri Powell

This past Saturday I went to an excellent writing workshop that not only equipped me with useful and empowering information, but also re-motivated me to work on my book. It was like creativity shock therapy to my muse!

The workshop was sponsored by the J. Camille Cultural Academy here in Louisville as their 13th Annual writer’s workshop. They had two speakers: Peggy DeKay, award-winning author, freelance writer, blogger, podcaster, publisher, and book coach; and Cheri Powell, author, publisher, entrepreneur, and world traveler.

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3 Ways to Advance Your Writing Career: Part 2


Last week, I spoke about how to advance your writing career while still writing your novel by devoting some attention to 3 important things:

1. Publishing Short Stories
2. Professional Development
3. Social Networking/Promotion

This week we’ll focus on professional development.

Professional Development.

As a writer seeking to become a published professional, it’s essential to become a master of your craft.  You can’t just read novels and work on writing, you must educate yourself on the principles, techniques, and profession of writing.  There are several disciplines foundational to being a professional writer, namely:

1. Grammar/editing

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3 Ways to Advance Your Writing Career: Part 1

The next few weeks I want to focus on how to advance your writing career while still working on your first novel.  Writing a novel is a long and difficult process.  Though some experienced writers can knock out a 90,000 word manuscript in a couple of months, us newbie writers might take several years writing our first novel.  For most of us, we’re working 40 hours a week and taking care of families, while trying to squeeze in precious writing time on the side.  And once the first draft is written, you still have to edit it!  The whole…

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Writer’s Heaven: Fellowships and Grants


Wouldn’t you kill for some time alone, free from your day job and life’s distractions, to focus on writing?  What if we, as writers, could be PAID to take time away from Life, and just write?  That, my friend, would be writer’s heaven.

The good news is: writer’s heaven exists.  It’s called fellowships (residencies) and grants.  The not-so-good news is: these opportunities are few, and the competition is fierce.  The better news is: the process of applying for fellowships and grants is an excellent way…

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