3 Ways to Advance Your Writing Career: Part 2


Last week, I spoke about how to advance your writing career while still writing your novel by devoting some attention to 3 important things:

1. Publishing Short Stories
2. Professional Development
3. Social Networking/Promotion

This week we’ll focus on professional development.

Professional Development.

As a writer seeking to become a published professional, it’s essential to become a master of your craft.  You can’t just read novels and work on writing, you must educate yourself on the principles, techniques, and profession of writing.  There are several disciplines foundational to being a professional writer, namely:

1. Grammar/editing

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Becoming-A-Writer Tip # 4: Feedback

Today’s topic is the lifeblood of artists: feedback.

noun: feedback
information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement.

Except for the rare person who writes solely for themselves and does not want outside input, the vast majority of writers should want and need feedback.  Why are we writing, after all?  To create an enjoyable story.  To improve our…

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What My Cat Teaches Me About Writing

So this week’s post is more for fun than for instruction, but I will try to draw some helpful conclusions from amongst the adorableness I am about to reveal.

I have a new cat, Gizmo.  Or, more precisely, Gizmo has a new human, me.  Gizmo’s current human (David, my husband), got married, so now she has twice as many pettings.  As the new person in this household, I’m adjusting to living with the cat.  We are still in the process of establishing who is in charge, her or me.  I know I’m the queen of my household, I’m just having…

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How to Write a Book 101

How does one write a book?  Here’s an easy step by step process:

1) Have an idea you’re passionate about
2) Don’t give up
3) Write…a lot…at 2 am…when you’re supposed to be sleeping
4) Don’t give up
5) Get feedback, ignore some of it
6) Don’t give up
7) Revise
8) Don’t give up
9) Revise again, yes you must kill your darlings
10) Really, don’t give up
11) Get more feedback and possibly revise again
12) Stop doubting yourself, don’t give up

Sound simple? …

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Writing from the Heart

Writing a Novel is Hard

Yes, yes it is.  Quality is hard, weaving a good tale is hard, getting it out of your heart and mind and soul, and putting it on paper in a way that makes sense to other people is hard.  Do you ever wish there was a device you could hook to your brain that would write what you’re thinking?  I do, all_the_time.

Not only is writing a novel hard, but it’s also scary.  It’s scary, worrying that you won’t be able…

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