Cover Reveal: Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus Book 2


And it’s finally done! The cover art for Book 2: Revelations of the Lily Singer Adventures is finished! Huge thanks to my wonderful and patient cover artist, who worked himself to the bone to get it done in time for our Kickstarter launch next Tuesday! Feast your eyes, and start guessing about all the exciting things happening in Book 2! (is that a tattoo on Sebastian’s hand? Hmmm, where did that come from…I wonder what it could mean)


In other news, I started on Book 3: Allies today! Mostly I was just hammering out the plot and outline, but I’ll be including a sneak peek of Book 3 in the back of Book 2, so I at least have to write the first chapter before Books 1 and 2 go to print. A bunch of new, wonderful characters are added in Book 3. We get to learn more about Lily’s family (mother AND father’s side), Madam Barrington and Sebastian Blackwell’s background, and we discover some deep dark secrets that Lily will have trouble believing, much less accepting! There is love and betrayal, danger and dashing rescues, mystery, dimension jumping, and a federal investigation. I can’t wait to share everything with you all, but let’s get Books 1 and 2 published first! Sign up for my email newsletter here if you want to get the story sneak peeks and giveaways. And check back with us next Tuesday to order signed copies of the books through our Kickstarter campaign!

Let’s talk! What do you think of the Book 2 cover? What are you most excited about for the upcoming Lily Singer Adventure series? Be sure to tell all your friends about our Kickstarter campaign, it will go live next Tuesday about 10 am. Thanks for reading!