Exclusive Reveal: Book 3 & 4 Chapter Illustrations

One of the things I loved most about the Harry Potter books I read growing up was the little illustrations at the head of each chapter. They were my only visual link to the characters and world of Harry Potter that I was desperate to be a part of (this was long before the movies, of course).

It was that love which inspired me to create illustrations for my own book series and I’m excited to show you a sample of the illustrations for the upcoming Book 3: Allies and Book 4: Legends of the Lily Singer Adventure. My illustrator, the amazingly talented Serena Thomas, really outdid herself this time around. One illustration in particular brought me to tears, though you’ll have to wait and read the books to find out why ;).

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Now for Illustrations!

Hmm, is that Spanish Moss? I wonder where Lily and Sebastian go in this chapter?

Oh no! A cage? What will happen to our intrepid heroes?

Poor Sir Kipling! He doesn’t look very happy. Why is he in a cat carrier?

What is that? A pedestal? A tomb? A sacrificial altar? What are the villains up to?

Hope you enjoyed this special sneak peek! What do you think of the illustrations? What questions/worries/theories do they make pop into your head? Tell me in the comments! Remember, you can get the books early by backing our Kickstarter (until Friday at noon).

Thanks for reading and have a great week!