Holding Hope in your Hand

I’ve been very distracted for the past two days. Why? I’ve been waiting on my ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) to come! These are copies of my books that we have ordered to physically hold and look at with out eyeballs to make sure everything about them appears perfect, as well as sending multiple copies out to advanced readers for feedback.

Aaaaaaannnnd…THEY FINALLY CAME!!!

It is an amazing feeling, holding the hope for your future in your hands, looking at the culmination of years of painstaking labor. It’s a magical moment, and a frightening moment. For now, though, I shall put aside the self doubt and focus wholly on preparing for my book launch. These next two months will be absolutely crazy, and I invite you to join me in enjoying the craziness! Subscribe to my newsletter to get regular updates on the action, as well as event announcements and giveaways.