Interview with Newly Published Authors

My dear readers, I come before you to beg your indulgence in this next month (or so).  I’m getting married on May 24th, and I only have 24 days to finish getting ready *pulls out hair*!!  Most likely, I will not be posting anything very involved in the next month.  And for the week after my wedding….well I’m sure you can imagine what (or who) will be distracting me then.

Since I won’t be able to spend much time on my posts, I will try each week to link an article or website that I find very useful.  There’s a lot of great wisdom and help out there on the internet, so here’s a chance to enjoy some of it instead of listening to me ramble.

A quick update on my writing progress:  “Eye for an Eye” was submitted to Almond Press’ dystopian fiction short story contest yesterday.  I may also be submitting “Hope” as well, I haven’t decided yet.  I’ll hear the results in a month or two.  Check out their page if you’d like to learn more!

More chapters have been written for my book.  I’ve been doing some background research into the foster care system in New York, police practices, and how morgues handle unclaimed dead bodies.  Sounds like fun, right?

This week’s link will be to an amazing Writer’s Digest interview of several newly published authorsIt shares their reflections on who they were before, the process of publishing, and what they’ve learned from their journey.  Take notes!

Enjoy your week.  Keep writing, and keep dreaming!