Special cover re-launch interview and a free book!

Hello everyone! This is a very special weekend, as I have relaunched the Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus series with brand new covers. Things are going very well over on Amazon (Revelations is a bestseller, and, last I checked, #796 in all of Amazon), and I’d like to celebrate with a fun little interview. We will ask each of the main characters from the books one question, and they must answer 100% truthfully.

Before we get started, did you know the whole series is in various stages of free or discount-ness on Amazon from Nov 2 – Nov 9th? Go check it out HERE, and grab copies while you can!

So, did you get those downloaded okay? Good, without further ado, let us begin.


*Interviewer opens the door to a sparse but comfortable sitting room with five chairs and a cushioned stool. Interviewees file in. Sebastian takes the chair furthest from the door with his back to the wall, looking about the room with a suspicious expression. Lily sits down on his right, face composed, but knee jiggling. Madam Barrington, cane in hand, sinks slowly down on Lily’s other side. John Faust, ignoring Sebastian’s dark look, sits on Madam Barrington’s free side as the interviewer sits between John Faust and Sebastian. Sir Kipling, the last to enter the room, pauses in the middle of the circle. He seems torn between Madam Barrington’s lap, and his own little throne-stool. He eventually settles on Madam Barrington’s lap*

Interviewer: “Thank you all for being here. I appreciate you agreeing to this interview, especially in light of the, ahem, tense events at the end of Book 4: Legends. Just keep in mind that we are all here to have a bit of fun and answer questions for the fans, so please, keep things civil.”

*sends a pointed look to Sebastian, who is glaring at John Faust*

“You have all agreed to answer one question candidly, and I think we’ll start with the star of the show, Sir Edgar Allan Kipling.”

*Interviewer smiles as Sir Kipling starts to purr while Sebastian snorts and Lily rolls her eyes.*

“Sir Kipling, the question we have for you today is: having known Lily and Sebastian before you gained your “cat magic”, did you always know they were going to be, um…a thing?”

Sir Kipling: “Well, madam, one does not need supernatural abilities to smell pheromones in the air. While I was not present at their first meeting, my human stank up the whole house once she got home—”

Lily: “Kip!” *cheeks flush*

Sebastian: “Seriously?” *Sebastian laughs, eyes sparkling*

Sir Kipling: “Suffice it to say, animals are more sensible about that sort of thing. We don’t have to worry about silly emotions clouding our judgement. I’ve tried to tell my human time and again, but she was badly trained as children and never learned that it is always best to do what the cat says.”

*Lily splutters while Sebastian guffaws*

Interviewer: “Not so fast, Sebastian, you’re next.”

Sebastian: *waves a hand and flashes an easy smile* “Ask away!”

Interviewer: “Okay. The question we have for you today is something I’m sure all the fans have been dying to know: why haven’t you made a move on Lily before now?”

*Lily blushes scarlet and looks at the ground as Sebastian rubs the back of his neck, cheeks rather pink*

Sebastian: “Well, not that its any of your business, but how do you know I haven’t?”

Interviewer: *raises an eyebrow* “Perhaps by the fact that we’ve read your books, but please, enlighten us.”

Sebastian: *huffs out a breath of air, not looking at Lily* “Look, Lily is…different. Special. You don’t just ‘make a move’ on someone like that.”

Interviewer: “I see.” *fails to suppress a grin*

Sebastian: “Look, we’re…exploring possibilities—”

Sir Kipling: “Pussyfooting around, I believe you mean, human.”

*Sebastian glares at the cat, who twitches his tail, looking supremely smug*

Sebastian: “Watch it, furball. I know what you do after Lily leaves the house.”

Lily: “What? What does he do?” *sits up straight, looking between man and cat with consternation*

Sir Kipling: “Nothing at all. I do believe it is time to move on. Next question, madam?”

Lily: “But I want to know—”

Interviewer: *smiles sweetly* “Lily, thank you for volunteering to answer the next question. I think your fans would like to know: what is the hardest part about being on this great adventure?”

Lily: *blanches* “What adventure? This isn’t an adventure, it’s a nightmare.” *glances at John Faust, expression tense* “People have gotten hurt. One of my friends died. You want to know the hardest part? Its the part where your loved ones get hurt, or, even worse, when they do the hurting.” *falls silent and stares at the floor*

Interviewer: *clears throat* “Well, thank you for sharing Lily, and we are sorry for your loss… John Faust, do you care to respond?”

John Faust: “What I do is for the benefit of all wizardkind, including and especially her. I can not force her to see reason.”

Lily: “Reason? How can you—”

Sebastian: “What a load of crap—”

Madam Barrington: “This is no time to—”

Interviewer: “Please! Everyone, just calm down!”

*silence settles over room. Sebastian, who was half out of his chair, sits back down*

Interviewer: “Okay, so, you say you are doing this for Lily’s good, but you seem less generous toward Sebastian. I’m sure all the fans are wondering: why do you hate him so much?”

*Lily gives Sebastian a concerned look, but he doesn’t notice because he is staring fixedly at John Faust*

John Faust: “And they can continue to wonder. It is none of their business.”

Interviewer: “Come now, you agreed to answer truthfully.”

John Faust: “And the truth I have spoken. It is none of their business.”

Interviewer: “Okay, but can you just give us a hint? Is it because he’s a witch?”

John Faust: “While I have no particular love for witches, no.”

*John Faust pauses, and there is a long silence as he examines Sebastian, who is glaring stubbornly at him*

John Faust: “Mr. Blackwell, I suggest you spend less time imagining what terrible punishment you believe I deserve, and more time questioning why you know nothing of your family’s past. Their hands are not as clean as you obviously assume, and one day, you will pay for the sins of your fathers.”

*a tense silence ensues. Sebastian opens his mouth to say something, but Lily puts a hand on his arm*

Interviewer: “Ooookay. Well, I think that’s enough doom and gloom for a bit. Madam Barrington, you have been awfully quiet, why don’t you wrap us up with a fun little question one of the fans asked recently: why is Sebastian so afraid to eat things from your tea tray? Did you give him a cursed scone one time or something?”

Madam Barrington: “What my great-great-nephew is or is not afraid of is beyond my comprehension. He has about as much sense as a squirrel, and the table manners of a baboon.”

*Lily snorts loudly as Sebastian purses his lips. Madam Barrington gives Lily a disapproving glance*

Interviewer: “So did you give him a cursed scone?”

Madam Barrington: “With the appetite of a pack of wolves, my nephew tends to treat all edible substances as his by right of having laid eyes on it. I simply used a bit of magic to help teach him that polite young men keep their hands to themselves.”

*Lily giggles behind her hand*

Sebastian: “I knew it!”

Sir Kipling: “I wish I had been there to see it.”

Sebastian: *rolls eyes* “Well, thanks Kip for your generous offer of sympathy.”

Lily: “Ethel, maybe you need to show me what spell you used, because I can never get him to keep his hands off my cheese biscuits.”

*Sebastian’s face falls*

Sebastian: “Not you too! Does no one around here feel sorry for me? Even a little bit?”

Interviewer: *laughs* “I feel sorry for you Sebastian. I love scones, and my sister always yells at me for eating more than my share.”

Sebastian: *spreads his hands wide* “See? Its not just me! But does your sister go around cursing your food?”

Interviewer: *shakes head, laughing* “No, but if she could, she probably would.”

*Sebastian slouches in his chair, muttering darkly under his breath*

Interviewer: “Well, folks, I think we’ll wrap it up there. Thank you so much for joining us, and thanks to our wonderful guests for answering a few questions. Be sure to check below for the link to grab the accounts of their adventures on Amazon today while the sale is still going, and we’ll see you next time!”


Thanks so much for joining us guys! Drop a comment below to let me know what you think of the new covers, what you thought of the interview, and what other questions you might want to ask the characters in the future! And don’t forget to grab your e-copies of the books!