Special cover re-launch interview and a free book!

Hello everyone! This is a very special weekend, as I have relaunched the Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus series with brand new covers. Things are going very well over on Amazon (Revelations is a bestseller, and, last I checked, #796 in all of Amazon), and I’d like to celebrate with a fun little interview. We will ask each of the main characters from the books one question, and they must answer 100% truthfully.

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The Writing of Glory

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My Dear Readers,

I’ve noticed quite a few people signing up to get blog notifications these days, and guiltily realized I haven’t posted a thing since last April. Time is precious, and when it came down to it I decided my time was better spent writing my books and connecting with readers. I still believe that, but I also know that people enjoy reading my books because they enjoy hearing what I have to say (really weird, right?). I figure I can…

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Writing Workshop Peggy DeKay & Cheri Powell

This past Saturday I went to an excellent writing workshop that not only equipped me with useful and empowering information, but also re-motivated me to work on my book. It was like creativity shock therapy to my muse!

The workshop was sponsored by the J. Camille Cultural Academy here in Louisville as their 13th Annual writer’s workshop. They had two speakers: Peggy DeKay, award-winning author, freelance writer, blogger, podcaster, publisher, and book coach; and Cheri Powell, author, publisher, entrepreneur, and world traveler.

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A Vision for the Future: Autographs and Timetables


Today I want to tell a story, share a vision, and offer an encouragement.

       A Story…..

My story happened last Sunday. My husband and I went to meet a friend of ours, we’ll call her Sally, for lunch. Soon after we arrived at the restaurant, David got a call from his best friend and former roommate. His friend (who will remain nameless), recently had an operation and was supposed to be on bed-rest, but had somehow managed to lock himself out of his apartment. Off David went to the rescue.

The result of all this was a nice…

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How To Start Your Own Blog In 3 Easy Steps

I made a new friend this week.  I met her at my church’s weekly small-group get together.  She was quiet throughout most of the meeting, but something inexplicable drew me to her.  At the end, we got to talking, and I found out she was a fellow writer!  Well wadda-ya know ;).

Like me, she is in the fledgling stages of a book.  Still writing the first draft, it’s that stage when the story is ever changing, growing, and improving as you journey deeper into…

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