3 Ways to Advance Your Writing Career: Part 2


Last week, I spoke about how to advance your writing career while still writing your novel by devoting some attention to 3 important things:

1. Publishing Short Stories
2. Professional Development
3. Social Networking/Promotion

This week we’ll focus on professional development.

Professional Development.

As a writer seeking to become a published professional, it’s essential to become a master of your craft.  You can’t just read novels and work on writing, you must educate yourself on the principles, techniques, and profession of writing.  There are several disciplines foundational to being a professional writer, namely:

1. Grammar/editing

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The Wonder of Role Playing Games (RPGs)

My day started with a tweet:  “Discovering the awesomeness of group storytelling through role playing games #rpg”

Last Sunday, my husband, David, and I gathered with a group of four others to start on a great adventure.  David is running a Superhero role playing game and we are the characters in it.  David’s job is to write the plot-line, while each of us role play our character’s interacting and live out the story based on the parameters set for our superhero world.  We had an…

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Becoming-a-Writer Tip # 3: Read and Write (part A)

Ok, this week is going to be a short one, mainly because I’m trying to get taxes done and wedding stuff is starting to come to a head.  See my previous post about wedding stresses :).

Becoming-a-Writer Tip # 3: Read read read and write write write

Seems a bit elementary, right?  If its so elementary, then why don’t most aspiring writers do it?  Well I can say at least in my case it’s because of time.  We want to be great writers, but we don’t want, or feel we don’t have the time to devote to…

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