Wrath and Ruin is finally here!

I’m very excited to announce that our epic science fiction and fantasy box set has finally been set loose upon the interwebs! I enormous amounts of fun writing When the Gods Laughed for this box set, especially designing the map for the world of Ashlar.

We have a ton of fun stuff going on this week as we celebrate the release. Jump over to our WARriors Facebook Group to participate in ongoing games and giveaways all week, and we also have a $120 Amazon giveaway going on where you can get…

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Book Review: Kings or Pawns by J. J. Sherwood

Well butter me up and call me a biscuit…paint me green and call me a cucumber…knock me down and steal my teeth! That’s all I can think to say after finishing JJ Sherwood’s first novel. And that’s how I feel too! Like I’ve been knocked down and had my teeth stolen…or my heart stolen…by JJ Sherwood’s story. There were seriously times when I put down the book and cussed like a sailor because of her gloriously painful plot twists (painful like when Sirius died in the…

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