On Jobs, Dreams, and Calling Part 2


Many of us don’t have our dream job, are not working in our desired field, or are just not where we want to be in life. Last week I shared some tips on how to manage and prosper despite disliking our current job/situation. This week I want to talk about dreams and calling.

Now, dreams are what we want to do, and calling is what we’re meant to do. Both are important yet difficult to achieve. Maybe you already know what your dream and/or calling…

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3 Ways to Advance Your Writing Career: Part 1

The next few weeks I want to focus on how to advance your writing career while still working on your first novel.  Writing a novel is a long and difficult process.  Though some experienced writers can knock out a 90,000 word manuscript in a couple of months, us newbie writers might take several years writing our first novel.  For most of us, we’re working 40 hours a week and taking care of families, while trying to squeeze in precious writing time on the side.  And once the first draft is written, you still have to edit it!  The whole…

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How To Start Your Own Blog In 3 Easy Steps

I made a new friend this week.  I met her at my church’s weekly small-group get together.  She was quiet throughout most of the meeting, but something inexplicable drew me to her.  At the end, we got to talking, and I found out she was a fellow writer!  Well wadda-ya know ;).

Like me, she is in the fledgling stages of a book.  Still writing the first draft, it’s that stage when the story is ever changing, growing, and improving as you journey deeper into…

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How to Write a Book 101

How does one write a book?  Here’s an easy step by step process:

1) Have an idea you’re passionate about
2) Don’t give up
3) Write…a lot…at 2 am…when you’re supposed to be sleeping
4) Don’t give up
5) Get feedback, ignore some of it
6) Don’t give up
7) Revise
8) Don’t give up
9) Revise again, yes you must kill your darlings
10) Really, don’t give up
11) Get more feedback and possibly revise again
12) Stop doubting yourself, don’t give up

Sound simple? …

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First Published Story: Old Pearls

YS Cover April 2014

It’s out!  My first story published, available online at:

Or you can visit youngsalvationist.com and navigate to their magazine online, the April issue.

My story is titled “Old Pearls”, and can be found on page 18.  Thanks so much for everybody’s support.  I would love to hear what you think of it.  Please feel free to comment below after you’ve read it!

Lastly, to God be the glory for everything I achieve in life.  He has blessed me with talent and…

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