On Jobs, Dreams, and Calling Part 2


Many of us don’t have our dream job, are not working in our desired field, or are just not where we want to be in life. Last week I shared some tips on how to manage and prosper despite disliking our current job/situation. This week I want to talk about dreams and calling.

Now, dreams are what we want to do, and calling is what we’re meant to do. Both are important yet difficult to achieve. Maybe you already know what your dream and/or calling…

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Of Hope and Determination: Writing Fellowships

There’s no way I’ll ever get this fellowship. I’m not good enough. Why even waste the time and effort trying?

Sound familiar? Not just for writing fellowships, but for everything in life we try for (contests, job promotions, auditions, scholarships)? Everybody faces self doubt at some point. For writers, especially in this age of social media and self promotion, it’s a daily reality.

The last two weeks of November, I devoted ever waking minute I wasn’t at work to perfecting two writing fellowships applications: The George Bennett Fellowship in Exeter, NH, and the Fine Arts Fellowship

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Interview with Newly Published Authors

My dear readers, I come before you to beg your indulgence in this next month (or so).  I’m getting married on May 24th, and I only have 24 days to finish getting ready *pulls out hair*!!  Most likely, I will not be posting anything very involved in the next month.  And for the week after my wedding….well I’m sure you can imagine what (or who) will be distracting me then.

Since I won’t be able to spend much time on my posts, I will try each week to link an article or website that I find very useful.  There’s a…

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