Celebrity Philanthropy: the Power of Social Media

For over a decade since I saw Angelina Jolie’s movie Tomb Raider, I’ve followed her work promoting international aid. I’ve always had immense respect for her fight to bring help to those in need. She’s not perfect, of course, but she’s doing something. I’ve never wanted to be an actress, but for a decade I’ve wanted to be like her: using my influence to make a difference, to bring hope.

Several years ago I donated to a fundraiser by one of my favorite authors, Patrick Rothfuss – The Name of the…

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The Importance of Friendship


Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all gooey-eyed on you and talk about rainbows and unicorns (hey, what’s wrong with rainbows and unicorns?), but I am going to break out Yu-gi-oh as an object lesson.

Yu-gi-oh, a children’s card-game originating in Japan, also had it’s own TV series which, I admit, I watched as a child. In it four friends had a special bond which they showed by joining hands and drawing a symbol on them so that they each were part of a…

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How To Start Your Own Blog In 3 Easy Steps

I made a new friend this week.  I met her at my church’s weekly small-group get together.  She was quiet throughout most of the meeting, but something inexplicable drew me to her.  At the end, we got to talking, and I found out she was a fellow writer!  Well wadda-ya know ;).

Like me, she is in the fledgling stages of a book.  Still writing the first draft, it’s that stage when the story is ever changing, growing, and improving as you journey deeper into…

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