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So this week I don’t feel like I have the energy to write a blog post. You know those days where you just feel ‘blah’ and have a hard time drumming up the drive to do anything? Yep, one of those days. It’s a perfectly normal, and human, thing to go through. Our bodies, minds, and spirits work in waves, ups and downs, not a straight line (of course, I’ve also been re-reading the whole 7-book Harry Potter series, which has been just a tad distracting *innocent look*).

So instead of forcing myself to write a post that would be less than heartfelt and probably bore you anyway, I wanted to share some resources I’ve been using in writing my book. Whether you’re writing essays for school, blogs for pleasure/work, or novels for your career, check out these useful links and the tools they provide.

If there are any websites or resources you use in your writing, please share them in the comments below! And of course, don’t forget to read all the way to the bottom, where Gizmo awaits in all her endearing cuteness to greet you. Next week I’ll be blogging about the amazing Word and Words writing conference David and I are attending this weekend, so stay tuned!

Editing Resources:

Online spell/grammar checkers. The first one is my favorite, but check out all three to see which one works best for you. A warning: these won’t catch everything, but they certainly help.



Blog post about editing software, check it out!

Detailed walk-through and example of how to properly format a short story/article manuscript for submission, either as a paper ms or electronically:


Really useful website full of awesome resources for writers, by writers. Definitely bookmark this one:


Interesting and useful blog post about word counts by genre and what to aim for when writing:


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